Labor law promotion activities

The Myanmar factory held a promotional event on January 23, 2024, to enhance understanding of labor laws and promote harmonious labor relations.

During the event, professional consultants provided detailed explanations of Myanmar's labor laws, covering important topics such as working hours, compensation and benefits, and labor union organization. Participants not only gained insight into their rights and obligations but also engaged in in-depth discussions and analyses of common labor dispute cases, further enhancing their legal awareness and problem-solving skills.

The event underscored the company's commitment to safeguarding employee rights and fostering harmonious labor-management relations. It is hoped that by strengthening awareness of labor laws, the company's management level will be further improved, contributing to employee well-being and sustainable business development.

Following the successful conclusion of the event, participants not only gained a better understanding of labor laws but also laid a solid foundation for promoting harmonious labor relations within the factory.

The Myanmar factory will continue to organize similar promotional events to further enhance employee legal awareness and promote healthy business development.