Social Responsibility

Workplace Diversity and Gender Equality Policy

Hakers believes that diversity and gender equality are crucial for driving innovation, improving productivity, and establishing a healthy and fair work environment. We are committed to breaking down gender barriers and promoting inclusivity, respect, and equal treatment for all employees, irrespective of their race, culture, religion, and other factors. To achieve this goal, we have formulated the following Workplace Diversity Policy and Gender Equality Policy.


I. Workplace Diversity Policy

  1. Non-discrimination Policy: We strongly oppose any form of discrimination, including but not limited to race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, etc. We ensure that there is no discrimination in recruitment, promotions, training, and other human resources-related decisions, and actively promote diversity.
  2. Recruitment and Promotions: We will strive to attract and select talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures during the recruitment and promotion process. Our recruitment and promotion committees will receive diversity training to reduce potential biases and discrimination.
  3. Training and Development: We provide diversity and inclusivity training to help all employees better understand and respect colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds. This fosters an open communication environment where everyone feels accepted and valued.
  4. Work-life Balance: Our commitment to providing flexible work arrangements supports employees in achieving a balance between family and career. We respect the individual needs of each employee and seek solutions to ensure everyone can reach their full potential.
  5. Diversity Initiatives and Activities: We encourage employee participation in diversity initiatives and activities to promote a diverse culture. This includes organizing multicultural festivals, panel discussions, seminars, and other events where employees can share their cultures and experiences.


II. Gender Equality Policy

  1. Equal Pay: We pledge to provide equal pay regardless of gender. Employees in the same position will receive the same remuneration and benefits. We conduct regular wage reviews to ensure the effective implementation of this policy.
  2. Promotions and Career Development: We ensure equal opportunities for promotions and career development for all employees, regardless of gender discrimination.
  3. Family Support: We offer reasonable leave arrangements, including maternity and paternity leave, and family care leave to support employees in balancing family and career responsibilities. We also provide excellent family support policies to assist all employees in managing their work-life demands.
  4. Gender Equality Training: All employees will receive gender equality training to enhance awareness and understanding of gender-related issues. This helps break gender stereotypes and fosters a respectful and equal work environment.


III. Implementation and Evaluation

To ensure effective implementation of these policies, our Sustainability Development Team is responsible for overseeing policy execution and conducting evaluations. This ESG team will regularly assess progress and provide improvement recommendations.

Implementing these policies is a shared responsibility of all employees. We encourage active participation from each team member to achieve our vision of creating a diverse, inclusive, and equal workplace culture.


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