EU Ambassador Visit

The European Union Ambassador to Myanmar visited our company in Myanmar from November 29, 2023. During the visit, the EU Ambassador engaged in in-depth discussions with our Myanmar factory's General Manager and praised the factory's positive role in promoting economic development in Myanmar.


The EU Ambassador emphasized the EU's commitment to human rights and labor rights during the visit. The discussions highlighted the EU's expectation of collaborating with the Myanmar government and business community to ensure that workers in Myanmar work under safe and fair conditions, receiving appropriate wages and benefits. The importance of cooperation and respect for labor rights was also emphasized, with the EU expressing its commitment to continue working with the Myanmar government and businesses to achieve this goal.


The visit also underscored the EU's commitment to sustainable development. The EU Ambassador highlighted the efforts of the Myanmar factory in sustainable production and environmental protection. He stated that the EU would continue to support sustainable development projects in Myanmar and encourage Myanmar businesses to actively participate in environmental protection and climate change mitigation.


Finally, the EU Ambassador expressed satisfaction with the outcomes of the visit and looked forward to further strengthening cooperation between the EU and Myanmar to promote sustainable development and human rights protection in Myanmar.